always more, never enough

March 21, 2011

Actually, I didn’t feel like blogging from the begining. It seemed to be so unnatural plus I hate being forced to do things. Although, yesterday I spoke to my best mate, Felicity, and we agreed, that we need to make our blogs more personal, so then creating them will be much more fun. This means, that I’m not really sure which way i’m going to follow or how this blog’s going to look like, however, I’l try my best to give opinions and show you things I enjoy wearing/watching/reading/eating(?) plus much more.

Today’s perfect to start. First day of calendar spring. How am I saying ‘goodbye’ to winter? Chilling out on this Monday evening, drinking a tea, having a ginger biscuits and reading a book, but later about the book. First let me read it! ; )


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