I hope you do follow “Gossp girl”(if not, update is necessary!), so you know what I mean when I say: much love for Miss Waldorf and her hairbands. Even though Daniel Humphrey says they’re more of the high school(Constance?) sign I defnitely DO NOT agree! All outft can change only because of this small accessory, so you go girls! I’m not gong to present my collection(as I have more than quite few), but have a look at the one I recently get obsessed with and I’m looking for the hippie love!


I would trade my boyfriend for those…

Tried. Loved. KG by Kurt Geiger, price of happines: (only?) 59 pounds.


July 30, 2011

Actually, only from today/tonight I understand tweeter-fever. Addcting as much as dying your hair.

cought my eye

July 28, 2011

I’m addicted to shoes. Honestly, could spend fortune on them if only I had the money! Although, for next season I plan to get a pair of brogues from Zara. Yes, I’m already in love with them!

Prapare yourself!

July 28, 2011

Ok, so I have a bomb for you! David Beckham’s gong to collaborate with H&M. Our boyfriends, brothers and dads will the same lingerie as our favourite footballer, yaaaay!

Falling for swedish music

July 25, 2011

As I mentioned in previous post pastel colours will ‘attack’ us from the runways next season. Ok, maybe even faster as we can already have a look on 2012 designs. On Paris Fashion Week first to go was Dior with it’s brand new haute couture collection. Worth saying is, that it’s the first one after the scandal with John Galliano, who left the company in unpleasant circumstances. New designer, Billy Gayten, tried to keep Galliano’s spirit(they worked together for few years, so it’s highly possibly that they had simlar connection as Alexander McQueen with Sarah Burton), and choppy scenical character of the designs, which is easily noticable. However, the colours changed, so Dior’s outfits don’t look that dangerous and shady, which makes models look more approachable and feminime.